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Safety & Maintenance


Our company has established a remarkable safety system, which ensures that all drivers meet the necessary qualifications and get the right training and orientation, as well as manages all company policies, documents, files and folders according to DOT and FMCSA requirements. Our team can assist drivers and owners with fighting violations, taking care of inspections, hiring and training, getting permits, filing IFTA, checking log books, helping with ELD issues and performing other tasks necessary for safety and control.

Requirements: knowledge of DOT and FMCSA rules and requirements, as well as ELD procedures, troubleshooting, and HOS regulations.


Our mechanics and maintenance staff are there to share their professional expertise with drivers, owner operators, partners, customers and everybody else. We make sure that all company and owner operators' trucks are in compliance, assist them with managing their annual or quarterly inspections, preventative maintenance and provide repair assistance.


Apart from servicing vehicles at our yard in Florida, we can provide assistance for those operating over the road. If you are an owner operator and your truck breaks in the middle of the road, our maintenance manager can help you by diagnosing the issue and finding the best place in the area to take care of it. They will make sure all necessary parts are available and the mechanics in that location will be able to perform the service needed in order to ensure you don't lose money and time.

Above all, we can provide our recovery team to rescue equipment in case something happens.

Maintenance is on call 24/7.

Requirements: fluent knowledge of heavy duty equipment as well as good administrative skills to maintain a system of preventative and scheduled maintenance control and repairs. 24/7 phone availability.


With the fast growth of our trucking company there is an escalating demand for safety and maintenance personnel, as well as truck/trailer/heavy-duty mechanics who will assist in their expertise and help to service our fleet. If you have the experience and are looking for this type of job, call now!

(We also work with mobile mechanics)

Requirements: heavy duty maintenance experience, preferably with their own tools and knowledge of computer programming.

Other Office



Our dispatchers form the front line of communication with the drivers, owner operators, brokers and customers. Dispatchers' job primarily consists of finding the best loads available and seek dedicated opportunities, as well as assist drivers with any issues and maintain effective links of communication within the company.


The operations department builds the image of our company, therefore it is extremely important to maintain professional communication with all parties, as well as be determined, responsible, responsive and friendly.

We are looking for knowledgeable and reliable dispatchers who have had experience in the trucking industry. We are primarily working with power only, dry vans, reefers and flatbeds, but we are open to any other experiences, suggestions and opportunities.

We are also willing to provide training as long as you possess the right qualities that will allow you to grasp new information quickly and passionately.


We are looking for highly organized accountant assistants who will handle billing of the invoices using QuickBooks and assist with accounts receivable. 

We are also taking applications for accounts payable and payroll calculation. Due to specifics of our industry, all calculations are done manually using established company system and statement sheets. Training will be provided.

Requirements: proficiency in excel, ability to effectively work with computer, e-mail, Windows Office, Google sheets, etc. 

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