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CTA is proud to be a TSA Approved transportation company and a certified Indirect Air Carrier. 

What Does This Mean For Drivers?

 Better qualifications! Better Loads! Better pay! 

New opportunities are just around the corner, as we are about to start servicing airlines and gain access to airport and sea port freight. We encourage all drivers and owner operators to get approved by filling out the Security Threat Assessment (STA) Application and enrolling in one of the training sessions. It is completely free!

  • Training can be scheduled in our office. Contact us to schedule a time.

  • Only one training session is required and it will take up to an hour

  • Those who have (or had) a TWIC card will automatically qualify to enroll

  • All STA training and approval, as well as TWIC card expenses will be sponsored by CTA

  • Each driver will obtain their own individual STA Card and TWIC Card


Do not miss out on this great opportunity!

With an active TWIC card and STA approval you can service both airport and sea port freight!

CTA is happy to offer this opportunity to drivers and owner operators.

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