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Picking Up and Dropping Off Equipment Over The Road

There may be a situation when you are asked to leave your current equipment over the road (for example if your truck had a major break down in a different state and you are being transferred to a replacement truck nearby). For every truck that is dropped off or picked up over the road, the following forms must be filled out. It is necessary to keep control of all equipment that you are leaving, including valuable items being left on the truck such as ELD, Dash Cameras, Toll Transponders, Inverter/Fridge/Microwave, and any other items. For any truck or trailer that you pick up, make sure to note all true conditions of any equipment as you do not want to be held responsible for something that was already damaged before you took it. Please fill out all of the following forms as accurately as possible for any equipment that applies. 

Picking Up Equipment:
Dropping off Equipment:

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